Vesta Dental Lab 

Vesta Dental Lab continues to serve local dentists throughout the New England area. Providing affordable and timely services with a perfected technique of shaping the acrylic resin to any custom and individual mold.  All products are guaranteed and only use the highest grade materials to ensure patient satisfaction.

Through years of experience, schooling, and training, Vesta Dental Lab and its employees work with our clients to provide exemplary care regardless of the difficulty of the case.

Vesta Dental Lab is a family-run and independent dental lab specializing in removables. Our technicians benefit heavily by working closely with dental offices all around the area to get the case right every single time. Building relations with our doctors and their offices is the main priority of our lab and always will be. We take pride in our growth and will continue to do so with all our dentists, one case at a time.

Our team of dentist professionals vow to work as a team with doctors to ensure quality services. With each employee having years of hands on experience in the field, what we have learned with each rigorous and rudimentary case is invaluable and is applied to every new restoration done.

Our policy to is have nothing short of having every case be something worth showing off. We do this by building strong relationships internally and with our clients, communication and a clear mutual understanding of the ending goal of the case, offering learned expertise on difficult cases, taking the time to work on each case individually, and not stopping until our clients are fully satisfied.

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