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      Some patients needs a little more attention beyond the initial creation of their custom fit dentures. Whether it be because of nighttime bruxism and clenching to cause discomfort and damaging of the teeth, muscles, and joints to just a simple case of a tooth popping off the restoration, Vesta is capable of fixing any issue. For details on choosing the best option for your patient, contact our team to work with us on deciding the best course of action.



Denture Repair kits at the local drug store do not offer long terms fixes to broken dentures, it is best to leave it to a skilled technician to give your patient back their functionality and smile. Contact us today and one of our highly skilled technicians will be happy to repair any break.


A simple resurfacing of the side of the patient's denture to offer a more secure fit to the patient's soft tissue.


Replacing all of most of the denture base acrylic on an existing prosthesis. Done when the acrylic is deteriorated to a point of no repair.

Add tooth

If a tooth happened to pop off, have a professional use proper materials and techniques to make sure it does not happen again.

Nighttime Aid

Bruxism, or grinding/clenching of the teeth, is a very common condition affecting 30-40 million children and adults in the US. Providing a proper nightguard will treat the constant morning distress of having a sore jaw, a dull headache or constant tooth pain.

Soft Nightguard

Generally the most common style of nightguard made for patients, often because of their size and comfortability. These tend to wear down quicker because of the material, but can help in breaking a bad habit with minimal adjustment from a generic over the counter guard.

Hard Nightguard

Recommended for moderate to extreme cases of bruxism, a hard nightguard is made out of an acrylic resin that is built for durability. This guard does not allow much "wiggle room" for any changes to the teeth structure. If the patient is planning on having work done i.e. crowns, bridges or veneers, a hard acrylic material may not be the best way to go. This will change how the nightguard fits and will not conform to the patients dental anatomy as well.

Hard and Soft Nightguard

A relatively new guard type in the industry, the hard and soft guard brings the best of both worlds. This guard is built to handle heavy bruxism while still giving patient comfort with a soft inside material. Most patients with this treatment are extremely happy with the fit of the guard while providing excellent durability.

Other Miscellaneous

Bleaching Tray

Professionally brightening your patient's smile with custom made bleaching tray. Much safer and more effective than the over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions,giving your patients peace of mind while brightening up their smile.


Some states require by law to put the patient's either name or social security number on their dentures. Other times the patient just wants their name to be there for personal reasons. The name of your patient can be printed into the acrylic resin per request.

Essix Retainer

Essix retainer are made entirely out of a transparent plastic that are much less noticeable than wire retainers. There cover the entire arch of the teeth to ensure proper alignment of the teeth. Dependent on the amount of care and use of the retainer, the average life ranges between 18-24 months.

Surgical Guide

Implant complications are often inadvertent misalignments during the surgical procedure. The use of a custom surgical guide can help in implant positioning to have an accurate clinical outcome.

Soldering Metal Support

Soldering can play an important role in fixing up any existing prosthesis. Joint strength created by the solder can be as as strong as 85% as the cast metal originally used.


Implants are not for everyone, to avoid surgery and to get a temporary fix for a missing tooth, a Nesbit is the way to go. Nesbits do have their risks, with their size being so small, it is easy to loose track of or to swallow.