Send a Case In Just a Few Easy Steps

Sending a case has never been easier. Your patients and their smiles are important to us. Ensuring that we receive their case safely is the first step to building their confident smile. We ask that you follow the steps below to ensure your case arriving safely and successfully!

Packing your Case

1.    Print out, complete, and sign the Rx form attached. This ensures we completely understand your patient needs.

  • Please provide work type, shade, and any other relevant instructions.

  • Complete contact information.

  • After first order, a complimentary prescription pad will be sent to your office.

  • We suggest printing out the Rx slip in landscape view to get best results.

2.    Securely place the following items in a suitable box for shipping.

  • Prescription form

  • Impression (s)

  • Models

  • Bites

  • All other relevant material for case completion

3.    Please follow packaging tips if applicable

  • Multiple cases may be placed in the same package, but must be individually wrapped to ensure correct restoration be made for every case.

  • Wrap models in bubble wrap.

  • Seal impressions, models, and bites in sanitary bags.

  • Snugly place all items in box so cases do not shift around during transportation.

  • Seal box with packaging tape.

4.   Ship or Call. Ship your case to us through any preferred mailing service. Or give us a call to receive a prepaid shipping label emailed or faxed to you.

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