Presentation Kit

Guaranteed Satisfaction

A presentation kit is essential for any growing office. A physical model provides comfort and confidence in the patient's prospective case. Built out of high quality clear acrylic, our custom case is able to showcase exemplary work created by Vesta Dental Lab. The kit consists of a Flexicombo partial, a Basic Full Denture, Cast partial, Acrylic Partial, Flexible Partial, and an acrylic display case. All case descriptions can be found in the Removables tab (Services -> Removables).

By providing physical representation of the quality of our work, we make it easy to establish a mutual understanding of the resulting outcome of the patient's new dental restoration. Patient comfort and ease of mind is essential, let us make it easy for you as a dentist professional to showcase a few of the most popular services better grasp a resulting completed restoration.

*Email or call us to find out how to get the Vesta Dental Lab display case and accompanying models for free!*

Presentation Kit: Orthogonal View

Presentation Kit: Front View

Presentation Kit: Top View