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Implants are not for everyone, but that does not mean your patient should not have a beautiful full smile. With proper care, our removable restorations are capable of providing a beautiful smile years longer than the competitors. Giving your patient their full smile back while providing comfort and quality is our main goal at Vesta. 


We want to build the bite for your patient at the position where the muscles will best function. This will provide the greatest facial support. In other words, we want to build restorations for your patients that not only look the best, but function the best.


Basic Denture

Our most economical option of dentures. While still using high quality acrylic and the same care as put into all our restorations, the Basic Denture uses Zdent teeth which still give the patient a natural looking smile.

  • Zdent Teeth

  • Set-up/Wax Try-in

  • Finish

Classic Denture

Classic Vesta Dentures which include all basic components. Created and geared as a quick temporary fix to a patient's urgency, with proper care lasting 3+ years without a need for touch ups. Using Classic denture teeth formulated from synthetic based resin system that provides good esthetics and affordable value.

  • Classic Teeth

  • Set-up/Wax Try-in

  • Finish

Comfident Denture

A step up from the Avis Classic Dentures and geared to show off a beautiful high quality smile. With proper care, the comfident dentures have a top quality shine to them that lasts between 5 to 7 years. With detail and individuality being our technician's top priority, this denture option has been our most sought after service. Using Portrait IPN is the most life-like tooth that delivers superior shading and youthful translucency.

  • Portrait teeth (Highest quality)

  • Bite Block

  • Set-up/Wax Try-in

  • Finish

Immediate Denture

Full edentulism can be a stressful process. Often the patient needs to go six to eight weeks until the gums fully heal after an extraction. To fill in that time, an immediate denture is used for the patient to develop their speech pattern and give them the ability to chew.

  • Set-up

  • Finish


Acrylic Partial

Following the same structure as the Classic Dentures, our acrylic partials work as great fixes to patients who only have a few spaces that need some filling.

  • Classic Teeth

  • Set-up

  • Finish

Flexible Partial

Being our most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing partial, the flexible partial's main focus is to adhere to all of the patients wants and eliminates any concern or dissatisfaction about needing dentures.

Flexi-Combo Partial

Our flexi-combo partials bring together the best of both worlds when combining the structural rigidity of metal cast partials, while appealing to the aesthetic comfort of the patients. The metal cast only being applied where necessary, and all other parts being made of acrylic to seamlessly transition into the patient's natural gums.


Cast Partial

Each cast partial is made to custom fit any design. A framework is created out of metal to properly fit into any patient's mouth and to provide rigidity while still maintaining a high level of comfortability.


Made with either a resin-based acrylic or extremely resilient high performance nylon thermoplastic from TCS, a flipper can be made to fill the void of a missing tooth.

Immediate Partial

Following the same steps as the Immediate Denture, the Immediate partial is made for the transitional period after tooth or teeth extraction.